Let’s look into the best cupping therapy spots in Singapore! Cupping therapy, an ancient practice with numerous health benefits, has gained popularity in recent years. Whether you’re seeking relief from muscle tension, and pain, or simply looking to enhance your overall well-being, Singapore offers a range of excellent cupping therapy options.

In this guide, we’ve carefully selected and ranked the finest establishments in the city, ensuring that you have access to the most highly regarded cupping therapy centers. Read on to discover the ideal cupping experience that suits your needs.

Cupping therapy is an ancient alternative healing practice that has been used for centuries in various cultures, including traditional Chinese medicine, Middle Eastern medicine, and other holistic traditions. It involves the application of special cups to the skin to create suction, which draws the skin and underlying tissues upward into the cups. This suction effect is achieved by either heating the air inside the cup or using a vacuum pump.

Cupping Therapy Spots in Singapore: Key aspects and benefits of cupping therapy

Types of Cupping

There are different types of cupping therapy, including dry cupping, wet cupping (also known as hijama), and fire cupping. Dry cupping involves creating a vacuum by suction, while wet cupping involves making small incisions in the skin to remove a small amount of blood. Fire cupping uses a flame to create suction before placing the cups on the skin.

Health Benefits

Cupping therapy is often used to relieve muscle tension, reduce pain, improve blood circulation, and promote relaxation. It is believed to help with a variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, respiratory issues, and even stress-related ailments.

The Good Therapist

singapore cupping therapy: the good therapist

5 star rating on Google Maps (285 Google reviews)

Led by a team of dedicated therapists, their mantra was “cupping for all.” Here, dry, wet, and even fire cupping found their home, catering to a symphony of needs. Massage and herbal remedies joined the chorus, harmonizing with cupping’s rhythm to create a holistic symphony of relief. Their doors, open from dawn to dusk, welcomed souls seeking not just physical solace, but also a listening ear and a gentle guide.

Bekam Hijamah Singapore

singapore cupping therapy: bekam hijamah singapore

4.7 star rating on Google Maps (11 Google reviews)

Bekam Hijamah Singapore is a registered trademark organization with a presence in Singapore for over a decade, since 2012. Over the years, we have built a substantial client database of approximately 8,000 individuals who have entrusted us with their well-being. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of bekam, wet cupping, and blood cupping techniques.

  • Primary Service: Wet cupping therapy
  • Range of Services: Cupping, massage, traditional therapies
  • Location: 491C Tampines Street 45, #06-214 Block 491C, Singapore 522491
  • Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Sat-Sun, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Contact: +65 9678 1574
  • Email: muhd@bekamhijamah.com
  • Website: https://www.bekamhijamah.com/book-appointment/
  • Social Media: Bekam Hijamah | Facebook
  • Price Range: SGD $40 – $80
  • Featured Review: “Great experience, knowledgeable therapist, effective treatment!”

Hijama Associates

singapore cupping therapy: hijama associates

5 star rating on Google Maps (4 Google reviews)

Hijama Associates is a dynamic group of young professionals who not only provide expert cupping therapy services but also actively share their journey and knowledge on TikTok. Their aim is to assist fellow Singaporeans on their health and wellness journeys by offering valuable insights and guidance.

  • Primary Service: Various cupping therapy options
  • Range of Services: Cupping, massage, other treatments
  • Location: 502A Yishun St 51, Singapore 760454
  • Operating Hours: Call to confirm
  • Contact: +65 9324 5513
  • Email: nurarfina@gmail.com
  • Website: Hijama Associates
  • Social Media: Facebook, Tiktok
  • Price Range: Call for information
  • Featured Review: “Friendly and professional therapists, my go-to spot!”

Cuppish Hijama Therapy SG

singapore cupping therapy: cuppish hijama therapy sg

5 star rating on Google Maps (68 Google reviews)

Cuppish Hijama Therapy SG pulsated with a youthful energy, its founder a vibrant therapist who saw cupping as not just a tool, but a dance between body and mind. Here, laughter mingled with the soft clicks of cupping cups, as dry, wet, and fire therapies were transformed into playful partners, guiding clients on a journey of relaxation and release. Massage and bodywork joined the rhythm, a harmonious blend that soothed not just muscles, but the soul. This was a space for letting go, for embracing the joy of feeling good in your own skin.

So, based on their stellar online reputation, Cuppish Therapy SG seems like a great choice if you’re looking for a cupping therapy experience in Singapore, particularly if you value a relaxing atmosphere and a wider range of massage and bodywork services alongside your cupping treatment.

Of course, it’s always recommended to read specific reviews and compare your options before making a decision. But Cuppish Therapy SG, with its perfect 5-star rating and glowing reviews, is definitely a place worth considering.

Bekamwerkz (Wet Cupping/Sports Massage)

singapore cupping therapy: bekamwerkz

5 star rating on Google Maps (44 Google reviews)

And then there is Bekamwerkz, a place where cupping met its athletic cousin – sports massage. This dynamic duo, housed in the cool Woodlands district, catered to warriors of all kinds. Whether you were a fitness enthusiast nursing sore muscles or an office worker hunched over a desk, Bekamwerkz had an answer. Wet cupping’s detoxifying embrace met the invigorating kneads of sports massage, a power couple ready to tackle any ache or tightness. Here, sweat and relief mingled, a testament to the body’s resilience and the power of personalized therapy.

  • Primary Service: Wet cupping therapy and sports massage
  • Range of Services: Cupping, massage (deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, sports, Swedish, Thai, therapeutic, Ayurvedic), back massage, couples massage, full body massage, prenatal massage, relaxing massage
  • Location: 753 Woodlands Cir, Singapore 730753
  • Operating Hours: Call to confirm
  • Contact: +65 8418 9951
  • Email: bekamwerkz@gmail.com
  • Website: https://bekamwerkz88.business.site
  • Social Media: Bekamwerkz | Facebook
  • Price Range: Call for information
  • Featured Review: “Loved the combination of wet cupping and sports massage! Feeling rejuvenated and pain-free!”

Bekamwerkz boasts a perfect 5-star rating on Google Maps, just like The Good Therapist and Cuppish Therapy SG! This suggests overwhelmingly positive experiences from their clients.

However, since they operate by appointment only and their prices are not yet publicly listed online, getting a fuller picture of their services might require reaching out directly for more information.

Overall, based on their stellar rating and unique blend of wet cupping therapy and sports massage, Bekamwerkz is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a focused and potentially athletic approach to cupping therapy in Singapore.

Additional Information

Please be aware that the reviews presented in these blog posts are reflective of the content accessible at the time of authoring and might diverge from real-time reviews or prevailing conditions. Additionally, the price range mentioned serves as a general estimate and may not accurately reflect the current pricing upon direct inquiry with the establishments. Prices may vary based on individual preferences and services requested.


So there you have it, ten top-notch cupping therapy spots in Singapore! From dry and wet cupping to fire and sports massage, there’s something for everyone in this list. Whether you’re looking for ultimate relaxation or relief from muscle aches, remember to read reviews, compare prices, and check operating hours before you book.

Ready to give cupping a try? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find a therapist who makes you feel comfortable. And hey, if you do take the plunge, let me know how it goes! I’m always curious to hear about new experiences.

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